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I am again participating in an event where I will help a group of snowmobilers raise over $200,000 for families dealing with children and adult cancers on February 9. Additionally, a week later I will serve as a rescue driver for the 500 and 750 mile ride in one day to also do the same thing. I know it’s a good fundraiser because the money that we raise does NOT have an intermediary it passes through like a large agency. This past year I had the opportunity to help present one of our checks into an endowment fund for the .

Would you please consider sponsoring me. Each rider will raise $1,000 to participate in this snowmobile ride. As you know my mom, my late dad, and late grandfather all battled cancer in their own ways. This is 500 miles in one day on a snowmobile for Cancer Awareness. I have to tell you that there are many thoughts that go through a riders head during this day. This is not an "easy" day. Last year I participated and we started our ride at 4 am. Many of us ended at 8 pm and some of us even rode until 10 pm. Your support is definitely wanted and desired. Your sponsorship goes to Nick Keller's - Keller Family Community Foundation. For more information on our organization you can visit: All donations are tax deductible. 

To donate for my ride please click the link:

One of the other reasons I know this Ride is a good one is that I volunteered the last few years for it as a Rescue Driver. We started the ride at 4:00 am in Bergland, MI in the Upper Peninsula and the weather was -27 degrees. Virtually all the riders finished. I've produced a couple of videos while I was helping everyone those days to help give you context about this ride: 2022's highlight video: and 2021's short highlight video:

I first learned about this ride through my friend Mike who I started flying with in High School back in 1996. He has been generous to me and my family and introduced me to snowmobiling and Nick Keller a few years ago. I’ve had the privilege of riding along with Nick & Mike several times.

During the day on 2/09/23 you can also follow us online to see where we are snowmobiling through the web site:

Thank you for reading my message and for considering a donation. I understand if you are unable to donate. Another way to help is to pray for all of the riders that day for safety along with all of those trying to beat cancer.

Thank you,

As a part of the Snowball Cancer Challenge 2024, Nick and a group of riders on Feb 8, 2024 and Feb 15, 2024 will attempt to ride 500+ miles in ONE DAY – The Valentine 500. These riders will obtain pledges and donations to keep them motivated on their long ride(s). The money raised will go to the Keller Family Community Foundation to support their mission. All donations will be tax deductible.
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