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I am riding in the V500 again this year for friends and family who have been lost to cancer, and for those that are still fighting this awful disease. I also ride in memory of my Dad who lost his battle to cancer when he was only 49 years old. I grew up on a snowmobile with my Dad, when he went I went!! I cherish every memory each time I get on "Vixen" and know he is riding with me. What he would not give to ride a sled just one more time...Please consider donating to help me reach my goal, and to this wonderful organization.
As a part of the Snowball Cancer Challenge 2021, Nick and a group of riders on Feb 11, 2021 will attempt to ride 500+ miles in ONE DAY – The Valentine 500. Then on Feb 18, 2021 they will attempt to ride 700+ miles in ONE DAY! These riders will obtain pledges and donations to keep them motivated on their long ride(s). The money raised will go to the Keller Family Community Foundation to support their mission. All donations will be tax deductible.

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Tara Pachan

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Julee Knapp

THANK YOU SO MUCH TARA!! It goes to such a good cause and don't forget its tax deductible!!

Jen Mitchell

#RockyFreeman #MarkMitchell57 #UnderdogStrong #pancreatic cancer sucks
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Julee Knapp

THANK YOU FOR DONATING!!! I will be thinking of Mark during the ride...

Lisa Millard

Thanks for raising money for this cause!
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Julee Knapp

Thank you for your donation!!

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