Nathan Fiebke

My father and father in law both passed away from cancer (myeloma and sarcoma respectively). My best man's son just beat leukemia into remission- thankfully. I know others that have kids battling cancer. Cancer touches us all if we live long enough. The Keller Family Community Foundation is a great organization that helps those that are fighting cancer by taking care of some of the logistical challenges. I hate cancer more than I love snowmobiling, and that's saying a lot. 500 miles is a fun ride but cutting that check is even better! Let's go!
As a part of the Snowball Cancer Challenge 2025, Nick and a group of riders on Feb 6, 2025 and Feb 13, 2025 will attempt to ride 500+ miles in ONE DAY – The Valentine 500. These riders will obtain pledges and donations to keep them motivated on their long ride(s). The money raised will go to the Keller Family Community Foundation to support their mission. All donations will be tax deductible.
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