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As a part of the Snowball Cancer Challenge 2022, Nick and a group of riders on Feb 10, 2022 and Feb 17, 2022 will attempt to ride 500+ miles in ONE DAY – The Valentine 500. These riders will obtain pledges and donations to keep them motivated on their long ride(s). The money raised will go to the Keller Family Community Foundation to support their mission. All donations will be tax deductible.

My Sponsors

Morie and Karen Geurink

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Michael Konrath

Let's get you to 1k
Received this donation 3 days ago


Rob Geurink

You ROCK! Thank you

Kari Kufahl

Received this donation 4 days ago


Rob Geurink

Kari, thank you for the support!

Bryan and Penny Borrell

Safe travels! Maybe one day this ride won’t have to be for cancer!
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Gerry & Marilyn Kole

Be safe, have fun and we're very proud of you.
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Rob Geurink

Thank you! Appreciate the support.

Marie Slattery

Zoom zoom
Received this donation 12 days ago


Rob Geurink

Thanks! Gonna be a great time - zoom zoom

Matt Geurink

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Rob Geurink

Thank you, I’m grateful for the support, it’s not too late to come along

Darrold Folz

Great cause. Good luck, enjoy and be safe. Uncle Butch
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Rob Geurink

Thanks guys, would be a long day on the Ski Daddlers! Grateful for the support

Brian Geurink

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Matt Krueger

Have fun!!
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Laura Geurink

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Rob Geurink

Thank you!

Judy and Larry Geurink

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Rob Geurink

Thanks, I appreciate the support! Watch my Facebook page for updates on the ride.

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